Autobahn 9

We left Stuttgart about 2:30pm. It rained all morning. A low mist close to a drizzle was hanging about and ahead of us were five hours of driving.Porsche Museum 05

We spent the morning at the Porsche 911 50th Anniversary exhibition. Zooby was locked in his buggy throughout the walk around and from early he was showing he was not liking it. He picked up a friend, an older boy who entertained him with tricks and had him in fits. The boy tried to talk to Mrs FTF and me but our German is nein. We tried to be profuse on the goodbye when he walked us to the door of the museum shop.928

One review on the Porsche 928 pointed out that it provided fast luxurious travel and made a favourable comparison to other forms of transport. The Autobahn 9 was noted as the route where the car will excel. We looked at Porsches in the morning and now were about to sample the A9 to Berlin.Porsche Museum 01

We were already three days in Europe so ‘driving on the wrong side’ felt normal and the added cautions were in overdrive because we wanted to gobble up the miles and get to Berlin by 7pm. SatNav was on the phone and we tiptoed out of Stuttgart and into a bright grey sky raining as heavy as can be. Wipers were on full bore.Porsche Museum 02

It took us all about an hour of driving out of the city to settle into a comfortable ride for those conditions. Zooby went down early! We will do our best to make haste before his day’s travel hits the limit. We saw an old couple in a 911 Targa cruising along, looking to enjoy a history of travel chit chat. I kept my foot down.Porsche Museum 03

Driving the A9 is an exciting experience that takes a short time to work out the rules of the road. Drivers trust each other. The speeds numbers are high, the excitement is medium and the fear is low. Our seven seater got us to Berlin at 9pm.Porsche Museum 04

Zooby got up three hours before and we had two stops at Marche on the motorway. The first was for petrol and a small snack. We decided on dinner at the second because we eyed the opportunity to hit the hay when we check in at Berlin. Much needed rest. Quick turn on of the tele to confirm, Vettel on pole. Night Night!



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