Purple Surprise

Today we moved away from a planned meal to something that was as impromptu as one can get. Someone suggested fresh bread rolls and that ballooned to adding fried liver and cabbages to make a homemade burger. It went so well we had to share.

Purple Surprise
Lamb’s liver in red wine sauce – onions, salt, pepper, hot chilli powder
Red cabbage with apples, cinnamon, cloves, cider vinegar
Homemade bread rolls with spelt flour

IMG_20151229_171550The lamb came out moist and spicy. It was cut in small pieces before frying to fit neatly into the roll. The red cabbage had a strong wine flavour and was just the right side of salty. It was drained in a strainer over the pot so not to soak the sandwich. The rolls were made from a Trinidad recipe for Hops Bread but they are essentially a crusty bun. As soon as they came off the pan they were cut and buttered and filled with liver and cabbage.

The drink to go with this was a hot chocolate made with Van Houten cacao and our own blend of spices and coconut milk.

The success of this meal was the best surprise.

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