Nettle Diary Entry 01.2016

IMG_20160102_124357I’m going to record my journey with a Nettle Project I created last year. It’s a work in progress and I hope to take my personal story onto new tracks and new places. I became fascinated and excited about that little prickly plant and I keep on learning how versatile and humble it is.

This blog is a suitable place to keep a track record, share my progress, achievements or challenges I’ll encounter. I would like to encourage you the reader, to follow it and maybe if you care or dare to contribute to the journey with advice, a kind word and a good critique. Though mostly, I’m aiming for that Nettle Project Diary to be my way of keeping myself and my eyes on the game and the good game it ought to be.

All I actually knew before was that nettle is a weed that grows spontaneously. It is used as a medicinal herb or as a culinary ingredient in soups or salads. What I found out by chance is that it was widely used centuries ago to create yarns and produce clothing. While visiting Flag Fen site, one of curators brought our attention to it as a clothing material source and its natural and eco qualities. It was enough to entice me because of my interest in ancient human history. Therefore, I followed it more to feed my curiosity, and thought it could be an original topic for a blog entry.


Soon I realised that it may be a prickly but very thrilling project that is happening in the right time and leading me to a new personal enterprise. My aim is to create a modern garment using the nettle yarn. Something I did not find at the moment, but I believe it is feasible. I’ll share what I have found out about the plant, and I continue to pursue my idea of nettle as the ecological material that you can wear.

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