Osturna village in the Slovakian Tatras

As the summer 2019 came to en end, I thought I would start sharing a photo diary of our recent discoveries in the Tatra mountains. The Tatras are nestled on the border between Poland and Slovakia and they are the highest range of the Carpathian Mountains. There are protected as National Parks both on a Polish and Slovakian side.

While staying in a small Polish highlander village of Lapszanka, we discovered the Slovakian village of Osturna, tucked away on the Slovakian and Polish border. It takes about 40 min walk across the border to reach the village snuggled in the valley. The location is quite remote and Osturna is a perfect starting point for mountain treks as many routes begin here leading to Magurka or further into the wild Belianskie Tatras.

The village is known for its old traditional wooden architecture and listed as the wooden village architecture trail in Slovakian Tatras. The locals seem to be very proud of their heritage and look after the houses which are often painted in very vivid colours.

Osturna is nestled along the Osturna stream and is about 7km long. Established in 16th century, Osturna was inhabited by Carpathian Rusyns and belonged to a nearby Niedzica castle estate. Majority of residents belong to the Greek Catholic Church- catholic church. The 18th cerkiew is located on a small hill with a cemetery on the hillside.

However, Osturna is a very close neighbour to the Polish villages of Lapszanka, Kacwin or Rzepiska, its architecture represents a different mountain chalet style. Lots of wood, a bit of stone and hand painted wood elements. What a gem hidden in the remote corner of Slovakia!

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