Trinidad Mangoes

Types of Mangoes

I have been away from Trinidad for 20 years now. It almost feels like another life and true to form as time goes by the rose in the tint rises. I want to talk a bit of the local fruits there and I hope the old grey matter has a true enough story to tell.

Julie, Teen, Rose, Starch, John, Calabash, Doudouse, Graham, Egg, Long, Spice, Hog and Turpentine are the mangoes that I’ve all eaten during the Mango season which starts midway through the Dry season at about Easter and runs for a couple months. (If you can add more to this list, that will be nice, in the comments)

How you can eat mangoes 

Mangoes are useful from an early stage where green ones are used to make chutneys or mango chow which is a quick peel-slice-salt&pepper snack. For many the emphasis is pepper. As the mango ripens it becomes raw vegan material. When the mango season takes flight, everyone is happy.

It is a remarkable fruit. I’ve eaten it since I was a baby. Back then the prized mango was Julie. It is big and pulpy. I suspect it was a graphed version as the trees planted in back yards were never that tall compared to those up on the hills. If you can get through four at one sitting, you’d do well. Very sweet, quite filling.

As luck will have it we never had a mango tree in our yard. We tried a couple times to get one going but it never happened. We had Governor Plums, Pommerac, Soursop, Bananas and Dasheen but no mango. And were we to have one, which type would it have most likely been??

Mr Maraj starch mango tree

Mr Maraj planted a row of Starch mangoes on his side of the fence when he moved in. He had great foresight and I had great fortune long before I knew it. When those trees grew old enough to reach over into my yard, Starch by then was the fashionable mango. I’d start the day eating five or more off the tree.

One of the bigger trees refused to bear on Mr Maraj’s side, so coming close to the end of the crop, he’d be getting bowls of his Mangoes from me. Nice living.

Photo source: flickr xabier otegi

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