Sada Roti from Trinidad

Mr FTF is the original export from Trinidad and therefore every now and then we do some Trini inspired cooking. Taking into account what we usually eat, Sada Roti made of flour, water and baking powder is not our regular staple.

We use no fortified white spelt flour. This roti is made quite quickly and then cooked on a hot pan, called tawah, no fat for frying required.

Mr FTF served them immediately, it is the best when hot. It goes so well with buljol – check out that recipe on our blog.

So it is how we roll, we stick to the real food – avoiding processed products. At times though, we spoil ourselves with our heritage dishes. Only one rule, be kind and have a good time with people you care about dearly..

Here’s the channel where you can discover some traditional Trini foods:


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